The Christmas Village 2018, in the light of “Liege, European Capital of Christmas 2018” !

The next edition of the Liège Christmas Village will be marked by the European award bestowed on Liege as “European Capital of Christmas 2018”.

In this frame, the Village will be made even more radiant and attractive: illuminated archways will be placed at the two main entrances of the Village while lighting decorations will be installed in the Craftsmen Walkway of Saint-Lambert square. But that’s not all, the giant Christmas tree will be furnished with brand new spectacular sets of lights; and the sled track will get its own tree, towering majestically over the heights of the village!

 On the wooden fences surrounding the Village, the visitors will be treated to a large-scale exhibition from the cartoon “Tchantchès a disparu” by Didier Casten. Those colorful drawings will literally wrap the Village with Liege scenes of life.

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