The Christmas Village offers us a window into the Russian soul with the major "Christmastide in Tsarist Russia" exhibition!

The Christmas Village is sponsoring the major "Christmastide in Tsarist Russia exhibition, which is being held on 6 January near to the Village, in the splendid setting of Liege's old Central Post Office. This is the opportunity for all visitors to the Christmas Village to discover a sweeping fresco showcasing the Russian soul, the life of the Tsars, the traditions of the Russian people against a backdrop of fir trees, troikas and waterfalls. An exhibition emanating magic and enchantment. Located a few hundred metres from the Village the event will captivate visitors thanks to the amazing living history displays and atmosphere.

The Village will also feature two Russian-style chalets showcasing the country's culinary pleasures, the one from Moscow and the other from St. Petersburg.

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