For a few years now, the Village has been showcasing a collection of hand-blown, hand-painted glass Christmas baubles depicting a series of characters from Liège and Walloon folklore: Tchantchès, Nanesse, Marcatchou, the miner, the Gilles of Binche… The nearly 60 or so different baubles are being supplemented this year by several new items, specially created for the thirtieth edition of the Village, the protective Chinchin of Mons and the last three balls of the folklore of Ath: the Eagle in two heads, the Horse Bayard and the Giant Tirand.

Boule de Noël - Pointe Boule de Noël, petite voiture Boule de Noël - Pierrot Saint-Nicolas

 Every weekend, craftsmen coming from Poland will realize these new models of live balls in front of the visitors of the Village!

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